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As your Sidecar Counsel, I serve as coach, sounding board, question-asker, pathfinder, amateur mechanic, travel buddy, morale-booster, perspective provider and success-celebrator.

Purpose Sidecar Counsel

A Call for Adventurous Leadership

coaching Adventurous women

Leading an international school is an adventure unlike any other, one that involves uniting a vibrant mix of cultures behind a common mission, and leading this community forward through uncharted territory. This endeavor calls for adventurous leaders: driven by passion and purpose, curious by nature, eager to forge new paths in order to advance the school’s mission, and wise enough to surround themselves with fellow adventurers who possess skills and experience that they don’t have.

The adventure has additional dimensions for women leaders. This path has been largely shaped by men, and the scope of the leadership roles reflect that, as do societal norms about what leadership ‘looks like.’ Women taking on leadership positions can ably fill these roles, and also have the opportunity to shape them in ways that reflect their innate strengths and realities, create new norms around leadership, and lead to even greater success for all members of these school communities (hint:  men benefit too!).

Benefits of coaching

As your Sidecar Counsel, I can help you..

Connect with your purpose and embed it into your adventure


Clarify your goals, values and parameters

Create a roadmap to your destination


Cultivate your professional networks, supporters, and other champions

Prepare for ‘knowns’ and ‘unknowns’ in the road ahead

Navigate through difficult passages and at strategic decision points

Remain steady and motivated

Enjoy the ride, with experienced counsel and good company


Why Sidecar?

It connotes adventure of the old-fashioned kind, when traveling was purposeful and fun, and when real people, not Siri, gave directions and provided company. It also describes my role: I provide advice, assistance and commentary, while you remain firmly in the driver’s seat.  Finally, it reflects my style, which is decidedly more notebook than Facebook.

Bridget McNamer Sidecar Counsel

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