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Bridget Mcnamer Sidecar Counsel

Nice to meet you

Hi! I’m Bridget, your sidecar counsel. I am passionate about supporting adventurous female leaders as they explore new frontiers in international schools.

Over the course of my subsequent 30-year career I have counseled leaders in the education, corporate and social sectors who are seeking to shake up the status quo in pursuit of a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable world.

I have found my calling in serving as a trusty ‘sidecar counsel’ to these leaders on the front line of creating social change. Meanwhile, I continue to traverse the twisty, bumpy, exhilarating path of managing an intense and exciting career while being a present mother to my two unconventional kids, who are forging ahead on their own unmapped paths.

As the guide in the sidecar, I am privy to instructive, entertaining and cautionary tales! In my e-book I share some of these tales with you and the tips they inspire, in the spirit of offering helpful insights and moral support for the roads on which you find yourselves.

These women already went on a sidecar adventure


Bridget has developed excellent reflective activities that have helped me identify strengths, areas of improvement, and opportunities that I have yet to explore. I feel much more prepared to be the school leader that I want to be.

Kristen Schroeder

Director of Inclusion and Challenge (designate)

I have benefitted immensely from Bridget’s extensive knowledge of international recruitment coupled with her deep commitment to improving the leadership landscape for women. I have happily accepted my next leadership role.

Kristine Stamp-Jerabek

High School Principal-designate

You really moved me along, gave some excellent practical advice, and encouraged me to dream big, too.  Not only are you the sidecar advisor, you are the big blazing light one puts on front of the motorcycle!

Dale Taylor

Head of School

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