Whether you’re an aspiring leadership candidate seeking her next destination, a ‘sitting’ leader looking to fully express her talents, or a school aiming to thrive by empowering women leaders, I’ve got you covered.

Leadership coaching

Leadership Packages

We’ll get you clear on your purpose and direction, pack your bags for the road ahead, navigate the tricky spots, and set you up for success when you close in your destination.

About Sidecar Counsel

Purposeful Gatherings

Leading in an international school is already isolating.  Leading as a female even more so.  Let’s change that!

School Consultations

School Consultations

We’ll explore the current climate for women leaders at your school and discuss ways to cultivate an environment where female leaders – and all constituents – thrive.

Roadside Assistance

One-off services

Not ready for a full coaching adventure but could use some ‘one-off’ assistance? Contact me for these specific services or others that lend themselves to a one-time session with me.  Ask me!

Leadership Search Coaching

Sidecar Tuneup: Resume Refresh

When’s the last time you ‘looked under the hood’ of your resume to see if it’s serving you well in your leadership search? After 7 years of consulting on leadership searches for international schools, I’ve seen hundreds of resumes and have a good sense of what resonates with recruiters and search committees, and am happy to share that perspective with you. $90 for a resume review and refresh. If your resume is ‘leadership search ready,’ I’ll convert the time you’ve paid for to a 30-minute personalized coaching session.

About Sidecar Counsel

Sidecar SOS

 Facing a time-sensitive leadership conundrum? Not sure who to turn to for a sounding board? Important to keep your deliberations private and confidential?  Contact me. I will do my best to make myself available within 48 hours. 

$149 for a an SOS session.

Note:  If the issue is related to sexual harassment or physical safety, the session is free of charge.

Sidecar Approach

How We Will Work Together

No two journeys are the same, but all are co-created. While my clients remain firmly in the driver’s seat, as ‘sidecar counsel’ I take an active navigator role. Together, we determine the purpose for our work, chart a course to take us to our destination, and decide what navigation tools will best get us from here to there. As unexpected opportunities or obstacles show up along the way, we figure out how to adjust our travel plan accordingly. Once we reach our destination we celebrate, reflect on our adventure, extract lessons learned, and consider possibilities for future travels together. Our work together will mostly be via email or‘virtual’ meetups online. When possible and our paths align, we can meet in real life.

Sidecar Counsel

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