Purposeful Gatherings

Leading in an international school is already isolating. Leading as a female even more so. Let’s change that! 


Purposeful Gatherings

Meeting follow leaders outside of the school, who can lend an objective, confidential and empathetic ear, can be of tremendous support as you navigate daily leadership adventures. These purposeful gatherings are fun, engaging and collegial.

Sidecar Start

Sidecar Salon

Sidecar Salon is a monthly gathering via Zoom focused on a specific topic relevant to leading-while-female. I serve as hostess for these group conversations, which sometimes include experts on the topic du jour.  Both fun and educational, these salons provide actionable takeaways to enhance your leadership practice.
Sidecar Salon, September Edition brings us face to face with our imposters.  Come join me and Dr. Debra Lane as we discuss ‘imposter syndrome,’ where it comes from, how we can stare down our imposters and, indeed, enlist them in service of our greater ambitions.
Sunday, September 19 at 2 pm Central Europe Time/ 8 am New York time/ 8 pm Beijing time.  At just $30, it’s less expensive and longer lasting than a pedicure.
Sidecar Summit

Sidecar Summit

Sidecar Summit is an in-real-life summer gathering for adventurous women leaders where we discuss
the current landscape for female leadership in international schools – bright spots and muddy patches –
and brainstorm ways we can, individually and collectively, ‘womanize’ that landscape. 
The pioneering Summit took place in July 2021 in Montana.  Future summits are planned in North America and Europe for summer of 2022.

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