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We’ll explore the current climate for women leaders at your school and discuss ways to cultivate an environment where female leaders – and all constituents – thrive. 


Consulting Services for Schools

I consult with schools interested in recruiting and retaining talented female leaders and cultivating an
environment where they – and all school constituents – will thrive. I sometimes work in partnership
with other consultants specializing in other aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in
international schools.

A destination school is one where high value female leaders go to thrive.  It is a school where they

  • can fully leverage their talents and continue to grow professionally
  • have equal opportunities for taking on challenging leadership assignments and for advancing their careers
  • feel supported in attending to their family obligations and personal well-being
  • feel free to express themselves, professionally and authentically, without concern about gender discrimination
  • can expect not to encounter sexual harassment; and if they do, can rely on established protocols for successfully addressing that.  

And because of this supportive environment, it’s a school where they will flourish, professionally and personally.  In short, it’s a school where not just female leaders, but all members of your school community can prosper.

If you’re interested in moving your school towards destination school status, I can help in these ways:

  • Recruiting* High Value Women Leaders:   Together we’ll determine the most effective means to bring high value women leaders through the recruitment pipeline and into the leadership office.  (*Important note: I don’t provide recruiting services; rather I consult on the process itself.)
  • Creating/ nurturing a female-friendly environment:  We’ll explore strategies and practices designed to attract, retain, and fully leverage the talents of female leaders.  
  • Coaching current female leaders :  See Coaching for Leaders ‘On the Job’ for an overview of these services.

Interested in Learning More?  Let’s talk. Tell me what’s on your mind about your school and women leaders. I’ll listen actively and then send you a proposal for how we might work together.

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