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Gretchen in the Driver’s Seat

A Call for Adventurous Leadership

Leading an international school is an adventure unlike any other, with added dimensions for female leaders. Women taking on leadership positions can ably fill these roles, shape them to reflect their innate strengths and realities, create new norms around leadership, and cultivate thriving schools.


And a Trusty Guide on the Side

Adventurers often appreciate the companionship of a trusty guide: one who can serve as a personal GPS, calm counsel and motivator. They can then have more confidence in their navigation, get support through the rough spots, and even enjoy the ride!

You’re on the right track

How I can help you

Leadership Coaching

We’ll get you clear on your purpose and direction, pack your bags for the road ahead, navigate the tricky spots, and set you up for success when you close in your destination.

Purposeful Gatherings

Leading in an international school is already isolating.  Leading as a female even more so.  Let’s change that!

School Consultations

We’ll explore the current climate for women leaders at your school and discuss ways to cultivate an environment where female leaders – and all constituents – thrive.

I’m Bridget, your Sidecar Counsel

As your sidecar guide I bring years of experience with international school leadership recruiting and deeply-rooted passion for helping adventurous leaders explore new frontiers.

Bridget McNamer Sidecar Counsel

These women already went on a sidecar adventure with me, and lived to tell the tale!


Bridget has developed excellent reflective activities that have helped me identify strengths, areas of improvement, and opportunities that I have yet to explore. I feel much more prepared to be the school leader that I want to be.

Kristen Schroeder

Director of Inclusion and Challenge (designate)

I have benefitted immensely from Bridget’s extensive knowledge of international recruitment coupled with her deep commitment to improving the leadership landscape for women. I have happily accepted my next leadership role.

Kristine Stamp-Jerabek

High School Principal-designate

You really moved me along, gave some excellent practical advice, and encouraged me to dream big, too.  Not only are you the sidecar advisor, you are the big blazing light one puts on front of the motorcycle!

Dale Taylor

Head of School

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Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to discuss your next adventure!

“The best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Tips and Tales from the Road

The latest sidecar stories

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